Tunstall Response

The personal and home reassurance systems that Tunstall offers, brings the freedom, security and reassurance - vulnerable people need.

  • The Freedom - to live where they want, the way they want
  • The Security - to protect both people and property with the very best in technology
  • The Reassurance - to know help is always at hand should a problem occur

In short the solutions Tunstall provide are all about choice

Telecom units offer intelligent reassurance at the heart of the home. They help people of all ages live safely and independently.

Tunstall has a comprehensive range of home units available to client organisations that are listed below.


Telecom 4000
The Telecom 4000 unit helps people of all ages to live independently. Contemporary styling and revolutionary technology are brought together to deliver exceptional levels of flexibility and performance.


Telecom 400
A secure platform with the flexibility for you to develop and deliver new services to support independent living, the Telecom 400 combines the very latest technology with an effective security solution to provide users with increased security, home safety and reassurance.


Amie & Gem
Worn round the neck, on the wrist or attached to an item of clothing, personal triggers enable a call for help to be raised anywhere   in the home or garden


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