Spectralink Wireless

SpectraLink:  Wireless@Work


The NetLink system consists of up to three of the following components: NetLink Telephony Gateway, NetLink SVP Server, and NetLink Wireless Telephone. A NetLink Telephony Gateway is required only for connections to a legacy PBX. Interfaces to current and future IP PBXs do not require a gateway.

The NetLink Telephony Gateway is connected to analog or digital station ports within the facility's telephone switch. When a call destined for a NetLink Wireless Telephone is received, the NetLink Telephony Gateway converts the PBX call to Internet Protocol (IP) packets and sends them out over the customer's 802.11b wireless LAN. The NetLink Wireless Telephone then receives the voice packets and assembles the conversation while maintaining excellent voice quality. Voice quality is the main function of the NetLink SVP Server. SpectraLink Voice Priority (SVP) ensures that voice packets have priority over data packets on the wireless network.


NetLink i640

The NetLink i640 Wireless Telephone was designed to meet the most demanding environmental requirements, and includes exclusive push-to-talk functionality. The handset is small enough to be highly mobile, yet rugged enough for heavy usage.


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