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BCI Networks sells, designs, installs and services a wide variety of Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) solutions from the smallest help desk or order desk within a company's telephone system to large stand alone Call Centers deploying the latest

Basic ACD's such as t he CoralCenter JET allows you to capture, display and analyze real-time and historical information in call centers employing up to 150 agents. Whether on site or from a remote location, view entire business units or focus on specific agents or groups. Real-time information appears in scrolling marquees that continuously display snapshots of one or more ACD groups .

More Businesses in the Call processing industry are migrating to IP based Contact capabilities. BCI Networks provides expertise and careful consideration when recommending solutions to growing forward looking firms.

The IP Contact Centers leverages IP to flatten and consolidate contact center infrastructure, removing expensive network charges and running many locations from one centralized set of applications (or maybe two for redundancy). Home agents, satellite locations, outsourced resources, and resident experts are then easily added as extensions to the same contact center, maintaining centralized management and decision-making. With the unique, evolutionary Avaya approach to IP, contact centers can get started at their own pace, choosing whatever mix of existing traditional and new IP telephony makes sense.

Enhanced call center capabilities are available via the Avaya IP Office Compact Contact Center. Scaling from 5 to 75 agents, this modular solution enables contact centers to increase the number of agents and add different media types as and when required. In addition to call routing and reporting functionality, the Avaya IP Compact Contact Center offers e-mail, Web chat, and Web Call Me capabilities. By enabling and integrating the use of these other media types, the Compact Contact Center allows businesses to answer customer concerns and issues in the way customers prefer and in a timely and managed manner. Other important capabilities include support for outbound calling, call blending and prioritization to maximize agent productivity and help ensure high value customers receive the right level of service. iContact, the agent desktop application, combines all media interactions phone, e-mail and Web, into a single interface. More than 72 standard real time and historical reports help managers better track and control operations.

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