Voice Over IP

As telecommunications manufactures like Tadiran Telecom perfect the ability to convert voice to data, the natural progression is to use a common data network to carry both voice and data between sites. No longer is it always necessary to establish a dedicated voice circuit between locations. Carrying voice as data is called Voice over IP or VoIP

Successful IP deployment is dependent upon a thorough customer assessment. The uniqueness of each company requires an expert assessment to ensure a thorough understanding of existing infrastructure, business requirements and growth expectations. The assessment is the foundation for designing and engineering a custom plan for a company. At BCI NETWORKS, we make sure we understand your business and your business plan. By knowing our customers inside-out, BCI NETWORKS is able to design IP deployment that will completely support your enterprise needs. BCI NETWORKS will assist you with determining if, when and how you should deploy, facilitating your transition to IP Telephony .

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