Organizations can increase the size of their employee pool, since they won't be limited to persons within the metropolitan commuting area or those willing to commute.  Workers can be more productive since they don't spend so much of their day commuting.  This is especially important as the many large employers and government will soon be facing an employee shortage as a large percentage of experienced employees are becoming eligible for retirement.  Therefore, teleworker capability will be a key enabler for dealing with this challenge.

Softphones are a key Teleworker solution by BCI Networks. Tadiran, Nortel and Avaya have Softphones which connects the teleworker to their office communication system providing access to all the features available to their counterparts who work in the building.  The BCI Network solutions are turnkey in that they Softphone solutions can operate in either a “broadband” or “dial-up” environments, allowing teleworkers to operate from nearly anywhere. 

The BCI Network Teleworker solutions also supports business continuity objectives as it enables employees to operate effectively from home or another location in the event they cannot commute to their normal place of work.

Return on Investment scenarios for Teleworker solutions can be mere months if structured properly with BCI Networks financial options. Typical Salary and travel expense savings far outweigh the cost of the Teleworker solutions on a near term basis.

BCI Networks will assist the Human Resource and IT departments of your company to customize the right solution for you.

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