Tunstall - Telecom 4000

Telecom 4000
Lifeline 4000


The Telecom 4000 unit helps people of all ages to live independently. Contemporary styling and revolutionary technology are brought together to deliver exceptional levels of flexibility and performance. The new Telecom 4000 from Tunstall is a world-class Wireless Nursecall System, which can:



  • Allow residents to summon help using a waterproof, wireless pendant from anywhere in their suites, as well as detect accidents involving falls
  • Allow emergency calls to be placed to pocket pagers, cellular telephones, telephone PBX, professional monitoring centers, or relatives, friends etc
  • Detect wanderers attempting to leave the facility when attached to a wanderer monitoring system
  • Locate and provide protection for staff members in the facility using wireless pendants
  • Provide hands free operation both during an emergency call, and for responding to regular telephone calls, thereby reducing the risk of falls
  • Provide audio and visual aids for the visually and hearing impaired. The 8-user programmable buttons can be programmed to flash during an incoming call and set off visual or audible alarms, as well as identify the caller by name
  • Detect and monitor activity in the resident's suite. It can raise an alarm when the resident has been inactive for either a pre-set time period each day, or for a fixed period of time, i.e, 24 hours
  • Provide medical reminders when used in conjunction with a PBX telephone switch
  • Raise an alarm when a fire or carbon monoxide is detected in a resident's suite
  • Monitor and report on temperature fluctuations, such as refrigerator compressor failures, etc
  • Detect and silently report intruders using a PIR or pressure mat. Lights and siren alarms can also be triggered
  • Provide an outreach program for seniors in the community


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