Tunstall - Amie & Gem

Amie & Gem - worn round the neck, on the wrist or attached to an item of clothing, personal triggers enable a call for help to be raised anywhere   in the home or garden

Both the Amie and Gem are personal radio triggers which allow people to raise an alarm call in an emergency when they are some distant away from their Telecom unit. They can also be used to answer incoming calls if the telephone is out of reach or in another room.

Amie & GemThe Amie is a discreet, attractive personal trigger in polar white whilst the Gem's slightly larger size makes it especially popular among users with limited dexterity. Each product has a range of fastening options so that it can be worn as a neck pendant, on the wrist or clipped to various items of clothing. Both are powered by a long integral battery allowing a typical life of 3.5 years with 20 activations per day.

How do they work?

Pressing the button on the Amie or Gem sends a radio signal to the Telecom unit which in turn activates the call - usually to a designated monitoring centre, but sometimes to the preset number of a nominated carer. If the telephone is in use when an alarm is raised, the current call is cancelled so that the alarm call has immediate priority.

When the button is pressed, the red LED light glows for a few seconds. Visible from most angles, this reassures the user that the call has been activated.

All personal triggers are sequentially coded at the time of production so that the monitoring centre staff know immediately who is calling.

If the battery state becomes too low when activated, the control centre is automatically alerted.


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