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Even with advanced mobility features that assure your customers the best possible access to speak with you, a comprehensive voice messaging system is a vital ingredient in successful organizations. Tadiran Telecom messaging systems are designed specifically for the telephone system offering the most seamless integrations.

The Coral IPx and Emerald ICE each have there own respective messaging options. Because the systems are designed to fit into the telephone system chasis, no external resources or extra station ports are required. That saves you money over most messaging systems that require station ports on the telephone system.

Unified Messaging systems are available for the Coral IPx products. These systems not only provide comprehensive voice messaging, but also provides integration with other message types such as email and fax.

uCMC - Universal Coral Messaging Center
An advanced unified messaging server. The uCMC allows users to direct all types of messages (voice, fax, and email) to a single inbox that can be viewed and handled via the user's computer. Licenses are available for 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 simultaneous voice sessions. The uCMC basic package comes with a license for 50 Unified Messaging users, which can be expanded up to an unlimited site license. The uCMC is an ideal server for medium and large organizations that require highly sophisticated unified messaging services.



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