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With Coral FlexAir you get the fill features of a FlexSet Telephone in a convenient wireless handset.

You're on the move all day, and you need to be in constant touch with clients, prospects and colleagues. Coral FlexAir from Tadiran Telecom brings the best of wireless technology directly to your business telephone system.

Whether taking a call from a client across town or trying to reach a department manager in your building, Coral FlexAir improves your ability to stay connected. There are no missed calls, no searching for a telephone to return calls, no need to rely on intercoms or overhead paging. The fully featured Coral FlexAir provides a wireless extension of your desktop telephone, making it the ideal solution for staying in touch around the office, manufacturing plant, hospital or campus environment.
  • Fully integrated wireless system
  • Full handset mobility (including roaming & handoff)
  • Supports 128 users and 128 simultaneous calls
  • Supports 128 radio base stations
  • System range per radio base 300 ft (100 m) in an office
  • 1,000 ft (330 m) in open areas
  • Exclusive repeater capability extends coverage
  • Secure speech encoding ensures privacy and security
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Range 5 million square feet with 25% overlap



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