Tadiran - Coral IPx

Coral IPx
Converged communications in a modular platform
Coral IPx allows you to take advantage of IP telephony without sacrificing functionality, such as ACD and call center applications, integrated voicemail and wireless capabilities.

The forward and backward-compatible Coral IPx includes all the power and flexibility of the Coral® system in modular units that can be rack or wall mounted.

Each model can be used as a traditional switch, a VoIP telephony server or both adapting easily as your company's needs change. Scalable from just a few wired endpoints to more than 4,000, the Coral IPx migrates telephones, trunk and station cards, voice messaging, database and common control elements from the smallest to the largest system.

  • Conference Bridge capabilities standard
  • Designed to be IP Server
  • Extensive growth paths from platform to platform
  • Supports full line of analog, digital, and IP end-points
  • Flexible Libraries to build applications
  • Rich ACD (Call Center) capabilities



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