Avaya - Merlin Magix


The Avaya MERLIN MAGIX® Integrated System is a public branch exchange (PBX) with a built-in ability to emulate a traditional key system. The system uses a single platform to deliver key communications capabilities, from basic voice to Internet access, making it highly cost-effective and easy to install, service, maintain, and grow.

The Merlin Magix phone system from Avaya is the business telecommunications solution for today's growing business. Grow up to 80 Lines and 200 phones with powerful features such as integrated T-1 access. This system has replaced the Legend office phone system and uses 4400 Series Telephone Sets as well as MLX phones.

Avaya's Merlin Magix PBX phone system, is an economical, highly reliable voice communications system. Merlin Magix has been designed for small and mid-sized businesses requiring comprehensive key and PBX telephony features, a complete set of network interfaces, enhanced messaging, and support of third party applications such as customer relationship management (CRM). Both the Avaya Merlin Magix telephone system and its immediate predecessor, Merlin Legend, have a large installed base and are among the most popular mid-sized PBXs on the market.

The Merlin Magix telephone system has been designed to meet the evolving communications needs of small and mid-sized businesses requiring up to 80 lines and 200 extensions. Avaya's Merlin Magix telephone system is the perfect choice for small companies looking for the latest communications features, as well as for larger companies with branch offices. The system's networking capabilities let multiple locations communicate across the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or across an Internet Protocol (IP) network.



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