GN Netcom



GN 9120
The GN 9120 FamilyThe GN 9120 is a wireless headset that works the way today's in-office professionals work. Offering an unbeatable range of personal mobility in the office, a robust talk time and a host of innovative features and benefits, the revolutionary GN 9120 will give complete wireless freedom in the office.



GN 2100
The GN 2100 is the state-of-the-art, professional headset for today's enterprise delivering unsurpassed sound quality and crystal clear conversation. The headset's lightweight, sleek styling enhances one's professional image and comfort as well as productivity.



GN 2117 ST

Monaural over-the-ear SureFit®, SoundTube .


GN 2120 NC

Monaural over-the-head, Noise Cancelling Flex boomGN


GN 8000 AMP

All three of the above models need the 8000 AMP.

Nortel Modular Plug Cord

Nortel Phones need a headset and a Nortel Modular Plug Cord


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