Norstar Messaging - CallPilot 150

Norstar: Messaging - CallPilot 150
CallPilot 150 for Norstar delivers a scalable and sophisticated messaging platform for small-to-medium-sized businesses that require up to 300 subscriber mailboxes and 82 hours of message storage. Applications include Call Center Basic, Unified Messaging, Centralized VM/AA, Networking, and an array of voice mail features.

Norstar CallPilot 150 delivers scalable advanced messaging to growing small and mid-sized businesses. Business sites with 32-300 users receive Voice Mail, Basic Call Center and two free seats of Desktop Messaging. CallPilot 150 also supports advanced applications such as Digital Networking and Centralized Voice Mail ideal for small and mid-sized standalone and multi-site businesses.



CallPilot 150 product image
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