ADTRAN has provided high-speed telecommunication solutions since 1985. From digital transmission equipment to network routing and internet security products, ADTRAN has consistently gained dominant leadership positions with world-class engineering, manufacturing, reliability and support. ADTRAN solutions maximize network performance, lower costs, and help companies achieve the best return on investment. ADTRAN is committed to achieving success for customers by offering "best-in-class" products with outstanding value. Let ADTRAN work for you.

ADTRAN offers a wide range of networking solutions to Public Telephone & Telegraph (PTT) companies and enterprises around the world. For service providers in many regions of the globe, ADTRAN provides equipment needed to deliver high-speed voice, data, video, and Internet services to your customers. ADTRAN also provides products for businesses, schools, and governments to connect remote locations, enable mobile telecommuting, Internet access, IP routing, network security and videoconferencing applications.

ADTRAN supports global partnerships with field offices for sales, installation, training, and technical support.

End-to- End Solutions

ADTRAN's product portfolio consists of a wide range of products designed to be used primarily in the "last mile" or local loop of the network. ADTRAN offers expertise and products for both the service provider's intrastructure build out which extends from the central office to the end-user subscriber, as well as experience and equipment for connecting the end-user's voice, data, and video systems to the network. This end-to-end solution capability enables both the PTTs to deliver the cost-effective services they need and the enterprise networks to efficiently connect to the internet or between geographically distributed locations.

Converged Networks

Voice and data consolidation or convergence is a technology commonly used to reduce communications costs by collapsing multiple voice and data circuits into a more streamlined and less expensive solution. ADTRAN offers a number of product lines that integrate multiple technologies in a single, module, grow-as-you-go platform and are designed to address both PTT and enterprise applications. These popular carrier and enterprise classes of products are proving to be ideal solutions for achieving flexibility, reliability and value in todays new, integrated communications networks.

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